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Vehicle for Good – Win Cars. Do Good.

Updated: May 31, 2022

I started Driven With a Purpose as a way to help my friends and family. Recently, I've been given the opportunity to help even more people with an even greater cause. I'm excited to announce that Driven With a Purpose is helping promote Vehicle for Good for their first vehicle sweepstakes. Vehicle for Good aims to help nonprofits spend less time raising money for their cause and spend more time focusing on doing good by raising money through vehicle sweepstakes.

Who's Behind Vehicle for Good?

The amazing minds behind Vehicle for Good wanted a way to make a difference. Collectively, the team at Vehicle for Good has spent more than two decades in the non-profit world so they have a full understanding of what it's like to raise money. At Vehicle for Good, the team has noticed a gap that they can help close by providing non-profits with additional resources to help more people. But, who's the team behind Vehicle for Good? Here's a little more about the co-founders of Vehicle for Good:

Forrest Jones – Co-Founder

You may recognize Forrest Jones from his unique automotive reviews. Forrest Jones has over 4 million followers on TikTok @forrestsautoreviews and over 260,000 subscribers on YouTube. Forrest is excited about using his influence to help increase awareness of doing good for non-profits.

James Thorne – Co-Founder

James Thorne is a passionate people-person who's motivated to help non-profits do good. He's currently the Chief People Officer with the team at Quirk Growth, which is dedicated to helping non-profits find long-term donors. James strongly believes that by making fundraising easier, he can help make a bigger impact on providing non-profits with the resources that they need to succeed.

How You Can Help

So, you like the idea behind Vehicle for Good, but how can you help? It's simple! Vehicle for Good is doing its first giveaway on May 31st, 2022. When the vehicle giveaway launches, you'll have the opportunity to enter and have your donation go towards doing good. But, until then, visit Vehicle for Good's website and join the exclusive mailing list. You can get extra entries, learn about the impact you're making, and much more!

Stay Up To Date On Vehicle for Good's Giveaways

We've all entered those vehicle giveaways so why not do it while also helping a non-profit? Vehicle for Good has an extraordinary vision and I'm looking forward to seeing how their team grows to make an impact while giving people like you and me the chance to win an unbelievable ride. Keep checking back to learn more about Vehicle for Good and what the upcoming vehicle will be!

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